Saturday, August 31, 2013

Watching the L kids

I'm not sure if we are crazy or not...most likely crazy but we sure did have fun!  We have been talking for a while about having the L kids overnight without their parents, to give the parents a date day and night.  We've also been missing our nieces and nephews alot and have wanted to do some Aunt and Uncle type stuff so we decided to take the L kids and just treat them to a fun day and night of things we would do with our nieces and nephews if they were around.  So we let them play at the playground, go swimming in the rain (we were the only ones in the pool and had lots of people staring at us!) we played some games, fed them food and watched a movie.  Then we let all the kids sleep in the living room with sleeping bags.  It was a lateish night and very early morning but we had a good time.  Happy that we could do and feel like Aunt's and Uncle's to our kids' friends.
 Being one of the only girls is tough but E does great both being a girl and hanging with the guys.  I like watching her to see if this is how Little H will be.  
 It's tough being the oldest in the group especially when everyone is younger then you but I think "I" had a good time and played lots of games with John.  He also enjoyed scaring me with his balancing acts.'s fun to watch him...being the youngest he doesn't have alot of opportunity to boss other people around or look out for people.  But he loves to look after both Little M and H.  It's really fun to watch.
 Little M loves to jump and be my wild man!  I love him! 
Little N, everything since turning 6 is an adventure and a big deal!  Here is my little superman! 

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