Thursday, August 15, 2013

Little N's 6th Birthday

Six years ago Little N was born and he made me a mom.  I love being his mom and he has grown up into such a wonderful little boy.  This year just like last....I allowed Little N to decide what he wanted for the meals and what type of theme for his birthday he wanted.  For breakfast he wanted waffles, then for lunch we made grilled cheese and for a snack we made a homemade jello fish tank and then we had people over so we had pizza and homemade cupcakes that were shaped to be like the ocean with a pirates booty - so it was again a pirate themed birthday.   We had a wonderful day and just had a fun day.  Little N enjoyed opening his presents and just having a day to call his own.  It's amazing how much has changed in a year....going from 5 years to 6 years has been a huge jump -- he has gained in confidence and just is showing a maturity that I didn't always see last year. Happy 6th birthday my sweet little guy.  I love you!
Homemade jello 
Little N loved his singing birthday card.
Little H also loved her brother's card.
Birthday presents are always fun to open up!!
A birthday cupcake ocean with a pirates booty to protect
 Little N's gift from us was a cape and he was so excited that he got a super hero cape.  I was glad he liked it!

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