Thursday, August 22, 2013

Co-workers Retreat Matsu Island - Day 4

Last night was a very quiet night and we really didn't see many people around.  We had people in our hotel room but everyone basically stayed in their rooms, doing what I have no clue.  The rain came late that night and was very heavy during the night.  It was still raining some when we woke up and we were told be ready just incase we were able to get our flight - we were told to be ready at 10 am, 1 pm and 3 pm.  Finally be 2 pm we decided that we had enough inside our room time and decided to venture out to explore our area.  We had given our phone number to one of our co-workers who was to call if we were taking a flight.  We got a phone call at 3 pm saying that we should come back because we were going to eat because our flight had been canceled.  What was amusing was the village and area that we had walked around at 2 pm was the area that we ate our dinner at 5 pm.
Dog in the middle of the street. 
 I saw this lonely screwdriver on the side of the road and Little N was convinced that I was taking a picture of poop and couldn't understand why I would do that.
 The huge mussel that we had for dinner.  By this point in the trip I was a little sick and tired of seafood and I'm pretty sure that all of us (our family of 5) got food poisoning! The food was good but I'm not very good at eating meat and I'm really not good about eating seafood and four days of constant seafood for every single meal is a little overkill.
 By this point we had run out of clothes for all of us so John had washed clothes so that we could wear them the next day.  I was just hoping that we wouldn't run out of diapers before we had to leave.

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