Friday, August 2, 2013

July Monthly Challenge - Mobile Devices

Oh my goodness, I have not been doing a good job with keeping my blog up to date.  I have discovered way to get caught up now I just need to make sure that my computer stops shutting off on me.  

This month's challenge was to use your mobile phone or anything and just put it in program mode.  Take pictures and just be in the moment no decisions to make just shoot. I tried to take a break from attempting to get the perfect picture and just capture the moments.  It was fun but still stressful because I wanted to capture the way I saw things and I wasn't always able to.  

This past month was a busy month - we went down for our TMF (Taiwan Missionary Fellowship) conference.  So I really didn't take many pictures this month.  More just trying to capture the memories type pictures. These pictures are all taken with my ipad. 
 It was a long day for Little M and he fell fast asleep in his dinner. 
 Little N got his haircut but then also wanted to experiment with a mohawk so I put in hair gel and let him have a faux hawk.
 Fourth of July had us celebrating with friends at a burger joint called Elvis Diner...the food was surprisingly good.
 My little goofball! 
 Hanging out with daddy!  They were on the train daddy express. 
 Little H and her baby doll and those silly glasses!  She is so funny. 
 Little H got her finger slammed in the door, a bruised finger nail (which I think will fall off) and we think she brought Mr. Lego guy with his arm torn off to express how she was feeling.  Poor little lego guy. 

Please continue through this blog circle to see how others have looked at shooting with a mobile device from some of the most amazing women, I have been so privileged to  know on this year journey.  Starting withGina, I know that you will enjoy her post.

Blog circle list    Angie Gina Yeo |  Megan Rose | Rebecca | Ana | Erica| 


  1. Those little moments captured are the best! And to think they'd be lost if you hadn't had a mobile device handy.

  2. Oh my goodness, that little lego guy and story is so funny. I'm glad you captured it and documented it with a photo- hope everyone is feeling better!

  3. Poor little lego guy, lol. You are blessed with a beautiful happy family :D

  4. i love your lego guy story, thanks for sharing!! It looks like you had a wonderful month and awesome job using your mobile phone!

  5. What fun pictures! Isn't it nice to "just shoot" sometimes? What cute kids you have!


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