Friday, August 23, 2013

Co-workers Retreat Matsu Island - Day 5

Our 5th day we were told that we were going to go home.  So we were very thankful because living life not knowing what is going on with three kids is not very easy.  Thankfully the place we stayed at had internet and we were able to wash and hang clothes so we had clothes to wear.  We had breakfast as a group and then we were told to be ready at a certain time so we ate breakfast and then John took the kids to the park and gave me permission to go and take pictures.  Which is always a dangerous thing because I just was taking to many pictures of interesting things.  
 We got a ride to the airport and our poor tour guide was hard at work, trying to get tickets on an already full airplane and then tried to work it out so that we as a family were together which sadly they couldn't do at the counter.  So Little N was in one seat, Little M was in another seat further away from us and John was in a different seat far away from the kids and I was by myself.  Thankfully the stewardesses and our co-workers made sure all of us were together...although the stewardess had no clue that we were with the group.  I was just thankful that we were able to fly home and get home!
Once we got to Taipei we to the MRT to the bus and took the bus back to Hsinchu.

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