Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Co-workers retreat to Matsu Island - Day 2

Day two again we had an early morning and we got to enjoy the pretty sunrise and see Ganen Pavilion.  The sky was so pretty and I was so happy to watch the beautiful pink skies before the sun changed.

We watched as the prepared the boat to be docked and after this picture we boarded the ferry to take us to the next island.  We didn't take many pictures on the ferry because all 5 of us decided to take a nap in one of the bunks. Surprisingly all of us slept.   The next island we went to was Nangan.  The kids and I got into a car so that we could get to our next spot.  We were thankfully right near a playground for breakfast and there was a flurry of conversations all in Chinese (which we didn't understand) all talking about the oncoming typhoon that was going to hit Taiwan.  We need to decide if we were going to cut our trip short or if we were okay possibly getting stuck on Matsu for a couple of days.  All of us decided that we were okay if we ended up not being able to make our flights that third day.  We still drove around Nangen to see the sites but a lot of my pictures sadly didn't turn out because they were SO blurry! (my lens somehow had gotten turned onto manual instead of automatic focus.) 
The kids enjoying the park while everyone was eating breakfast. 
Very close to some of the shops and where we left our bags, while we traveled around Nangan.
We went to the cute and quiet little restaurant and I ordered the noodles dish for the boys.  The boys made tried and ate 1/2 of one plate meanwhile Little H polished off both their plates and then a 1/4 of my plate.  She really liked the food. 
I believe that we went to the Beihai Tunnel (Nangan).  It was a very long tunnel that was blasted out by hand by soldiers as a place to hide supply boats and retreat if need be.  You could also canoe or paddleboat around the water way for a different view of the tunnel. 
 I love this picture of all of them walking together! 
 We were given a certain amount of time to go and explore the tunnel and then we would meet the back at our scooters so that we could go to our next place.  We of course so the beach and decided that the kids would really enjoy playing in the rocks and throwing rocks in the ocean.  John also enjoyed exploring and climbing the rocks.
 We took a boat over to Beigan for where we were going to sleep for our second night.  We got a chance to walk the beach take pictures of some boats.  I believe that these boats were located by the Tanghoudao Beach.
The kids enjoyed our hotel because they had toys for the kids to play with like two rocking horses and some other toys.  We ate our food and then went quickly to bed.  While John listened and joined in listening as the co-workers shared some about each other and just talked.

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