Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Co-workers Retreat Matsu Island - Day 3

Day 3 found us exploring in a bus instead of scooters and we were faced with the uncertainty of are we or aren't we going back to Taiwan.  I know that our tour guides were constantly on the phone asking questions and trying to find out information.  We explored a little around the island of Beigan.  Driving around the see the scenic areas. For a while it was get out of the bus, go look at an area, and take pictures.  So we would get out and only take our cameras.  When all of a sudden we reached another area.  The Qinbi Village which looks like a small Mediterranean village, we got out and we had just started putting sunscreen on the kids when we stopped.  We figured it was another stop that was come in and go out.  But we were wrong....the difficulties of traveling with a Chinese tour is that they speak Chinese and if you aren't paying attention or listening you don't hear that you should bring all your bags and water bottles because we will be walking around the area for a while.  Thankfully we were okay and everything worked out.
 I absolutely loved the stone work of the wall and the blue window and thought it was neat that it almost looked like a cross had been scratched into the blue window. 
 This lady was so talented and it was so much fun to watch her paint the Qinbi village.  She was able to capture the beauty of the village that I longed to capture on my camera. 
 For lunch we did a quick tour of the Qiaozai Village and we were noticing signs going up that we should go into the water due to the fact that a typhoon was coming and just to be careful.  We also noticed that the wind was picking up and clouds were coming in.
 Watching the waves and just sitting enjoying the scenery! 
 Our co-workers group! We ate our meal at this really nice restaurant.  Everything was seafood and it was surprisingly good.  Sadly the boys didn't want to eat any of it!
 We had to take a boat quick back to the island Nangan. Where we were told that we should get our food from 7 11 because we were sure what was going to happen because of the typhoon coming.  It started to sprinkle on our boat ride over and we took a car ride over to the place we were staying.  It was very interesting and a little intense just with the uncertainty of not knowing how long we were going to be stuck up in Matsu.

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