Sunday, April 9, 2017

VEF Palm Sunday

This time of Easter is probably one of my favorites but then also probably one of the hardest things about the Christian faith.  I love Palm Sunday because it's the celebration of Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem.  Our second pastor asked the question during the service of how many people would want to be the colt that Jesus rode on as he made his way into Jerusalem.  As he asked that question I felt uncomfortable and my first response was NO!  I do not want to be the colt that Jesus rode on for a variety of different reasons.  But the biggest reason is how unworthy am I a sinner to have Jesus ride my on back.  I don't deserve to be near him to even touch the cloak of his clothing.  Jesus did a wonderful beautiful thing coming up this week....with Good Friday coming up and then Easter Sunday.  I am SO thankful that God sent his son down to earth to live the perfect life so that I could have fellowship with and a relationship with both God the Father and Jesus the Son.   So while I still at times don't feel I am worthy to be the colt that Jesus rode on, oh what a beautiful and special memory to have Jesus on my back as everyone in Jerusalem is shouting Hosanna and throwing down their cloaks and palm branches on the day we celebrate Palm Sunday!  

Happy PALM Sunday!  We had all the kids march around the sanctuary waving palm branches and praising God just to be reminded of what Jesus did on that first palm Sunday (yes I realize that it was not most likely on a Sunday that Jesus rode into Jerusalem but I mean the aspect of the actual day of Palm Sunday that we all celebrate),  so many years ago. 

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