Saturday, April 1, 2017

Family Pictures at the Train Park

April Fools day is a day that N is just starting to get into!  He did all sorts of mini jokes throughout the day.  For me, he placed a baby doll in my arms while I was sleeping so that I would think that I had my baby!  For Little H,  he made her breakfast of yogurt - except instead of yogurt it was milk & cut up strawberries.  I can't remember the other jokes but it was a fun day. 
John with the kids! 

We did lots of walking today.  Doctor told me to walk and so we are walking.  We walked to the traditional market to get fruits and vegetables and then we walked to McDonalds to have lunch.  After McDonald's we walked back home and got ready to take pictures over at the train park.  I wanted to make sure we had one last picture as our family of 5 before this baby is here.   So the boys rode their bikes to the train park, Little H took her scooter over and I walked over.  We got to the train park and took our pictures and then the kids played. John set up the hammock and I sat in it and sank to the ground, John thought this was hilarious and laughed at me as he pulled me out of the hammock and tried to adjust the hammock so I could sit in it.  But I refused to sit in the hammock after that just because it humiliated me and plus I didn't want to break it.   After a while Little H and I walked back home and we enjoyed a movie night! 
 Our sweet family! 
 Little H
 Little M
 Little N

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