Monday, April 3, 2017

International Children's Day

I feel like we are in a holding pattern.  We don't dare go too far away from the doctor or the hospital because of the way I feel. (I feel sore, and at times I've had my heart race more often - which I can't figure out what's going on with it - if it's because of the heat or if it's because they are contractions and I'm not feeling them quite yet but my heart is feeling the pressure.) 

Today is Internation Children's day and it's a holiday over here in Taiwan.  (Actually, we have a four day weekend because of Children's Day and Tombsweeping.)  John went out for breakfast today and then we went for a walk to Big City because a friend is selling Macarons at a booth outside of Big City and I wanted to pick up some!   So we walked to Big City.  Stopping at playgrounds, then going into Big City and checking out a couple of shops.  Grandma Olson has been nice enough to send some puzzles over and we are discovering that the kids really enjoy doing the puzzles.   So we checked out a shop that sells puzzles (but it was pretty expensive). Then we went up to Toys R US to check out what they had and get the kids a gift from the baby for when he comes.  The toy was one thing that the boys really remembered when Little H was born and have been asking if this baby will give them a present.   So we picked up some hot wheel cars for them from their baby brother to give when he's born. 

Then we went and got ice cream.  (Okay so I've also been craving ice cream for a while and I really like it!) So four out of five us enjoyed ice cream while Little H enjoyed two donuts which she cutely called the circle dough! Which then she was embarrassed when daddy made a big deal about it! 

Afterward we went and got our macarons!  It was a good day!  Happy International Children's Day! 

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