Saturday, April 8, 2017

The Wedding of David & Janice

 I love weddings!  I think if I could I would love to shoot weddings.  It's scary because you have to capture the wedding so quickly and there are so many special moments that you want to capture.  My favorite thing to take a picture of the groom while the bride is walking down the aisle.  So I quickly took a picture of David as Janice was walking down the aisle with her mom.  They had already seen each other but there still something magical when you realize that your bride is coming down the aisle to you for the rest of your lives.

This wedding was perfectly suited for them.  They had laughter, they had special music and then they had lots of beautiful music that worshiped God.   Both David and Janice work and help out with the youth in the church.  They also share a love of music.  So towards the end of the wedding with the Chinese Youth, they sang the song "Oh happy Day!"  It was so beautiful and I was thankful that we got to attend.

We were not sure if I was gonna be able to attend or even make it to the reception because I started having contractions that were pretty regular and we thought we might head over to the hospital.  But at the reception, the contractions settled down and stopped. (I sat too long)  It was fun going to the reception because it the was the first reception in Taiwan we had been to.  Janice wore three different dresses. She added a pink ribbon to her wedding dress and it was beautiful, then she changed into a slinky white and black dress which they then had time to dance and have fun.  The kids really wanted to join in on the dance but were too shy to go up by themselves.  The final dress was a gorgeous blue dress which was Little H's favorite dress.  It was a very fun day! Congratulations and best wishes in your marriage David and Janice.
John was asked to give a 2 minutes prayer during the wedding reception.  
I started walking around because the contractions were getting uncomfortable and saw how beautiful this moment was!   So I quickly grabbed my camera to capture this.  
Little N is either going through a growth spurt or he is just not getting enough sleep.  Just sitting and being still caused him to get comfortable and he fell fast asleep during the wedding! 
David gave her a kiss on the cheek for their first kiss.  Everyone in the audience was saying that wasn't enough and so you knew that he was planning to do something.  So I tried to anticipate what he was gonna do.  Thankfully I was ready and thankfully he turned towards us. 
A big SWOOPING kiss for their first kiss.   Sadly the photographer wasn't prepared for David's grand moment so they also had to do their traditional kiss.  So they had three sweet kisses to start their marriage! 
Little H was so excited to pose by the balloon bride and groom!  
Quick iPhone picture of us with the bride and groom!  The other photographer used flash so that's why it ended up being so whited out! 
Selfie with friends!  I'm so thankful that because of John's opportunity to go on the Thailand mission trips and then with the Japan mission trip I have met some of the sweetest people from the Chinese youth!

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