Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Easter Egg decorating

I think this might be the first year that we have decorated Easter Eggs before (without friends and it was at their house).  Little H went over to a friend's house and they were decorating easter eggs at their house and Little H didn't have a chance to decorate an egg so I decided that when we got home we would decorate eggs.  Thankfully a friend had given us a supply of Easter Egg decorating supplies so we had some fun decorating our eggs.  Little N and Little M were able to decorate their eggs first because they got all their chores and ate all their food.  This hurt Little H's feelings because she still hadn't finished eating her food and it was taking her a long time to finish her food because it wasn't a meal that was her favorite anymore.  😫  John had made the decision that the boys could do the project and if Little H finished her food in enough time she could do it before bed if not she would have to do it tomorrow.  
Little M with his eggs and he is also wearing his myobrace.
Little N with his eggs and you would think he was mad I was taking a picture but that was the smile he gave me.  He also had just taken out his myobrace. 

The kids all had fun and Little H finally finished her food so she could join in the fun.  John took more pictures of the boys doing the steps and then I was able to take a picture of Little H coloring the egg because I was done helping the boys.   We had fun.
 She still had a mouth full of stir fried peas in her mouth as she was decorating her eggs. 
 While she was at her friend's house they had colored on their faces.  Hence the silly crazy face. 

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