Sunday, April 2, 2017

Beach Day with Friends

I'm pretty sure this is the second time that we've headed over to the beach this year.  We went in January and it was gorgeous but then life got in the way and we got busy so the beach just stayed where it was and we did our own thing.

We decided after church that we wanted to do a bbq at the beach and we had invited friends to join us.  One of our friends was sick but our other friends joined us.  It was an EXTREMELY windy day at the beach and chilly.  So the cooking our food on the beach was quickly canceled (I did not want to have sand all over our meat and food as it cooked).  I have absolutely no idea how Litte N, M & H were wearing their swimsuits and even going in the water. (Okay so the water was warm) It was such a fun day at the beach and I'm glad that we can go with friends.
 Jumping pictures in the ocean! 
 I love everyone's different way to jump!  It's just fun to look at!  I also really thought it would be fun to jump and then realized that being 38 weeks pregnant would not be a good thing to do and I wouldn't be able to get much air! 😉

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