Sunday, April 2, 2017

Pregnancy Photos at 38 weeks

38 weeks pregnant!  This pregnancy has been a harder pregnancy on my body.  I have had heart issues with this pregnancy, more aches and pains.  Thankfully I am nearing the end of this pregnancy and this baby can arrive at anytime - also another thing to be thankful for is that in all the test we have had he seems to be healthy and has had no problems.  We are doing lots of walking, exercising, playing and then because I am not getting restful sleep at night, I am taking naps during the day.  It's amusing to me it's only when I am pregnant that I snore and John has usually been able to tell when I haven't had the best amount of sleep because I have been tossing and turning and I would snore.   

Today I wanted to celebrate my pregnancy with pictures.  I wanted family pictures with the kids and John before the baby arrived and then I wanted to make sure I got a variety of pictures of me with the baby belly.  I feel huge but then I have my friends come up to me and rub my belly to talk to the baby and tell me that their belly looked like this at 6 months.  I guess it all in how you carry your babies.  Super excited for this baby to come and see who he is as a person! 
 I think the best part about being pregnant has been watching the kids interact with my belly.  Little M is the sweetest with my belly.  He will wrap his arms around my belly and just try to hug the baby.  Then he will just chit chat with the baby, asking when will the baby come out and how he can't wait to hold the baby and help change diapers.  Little N comes up to my belly and gets as close to my belly as possible and starts to talk to the baby.  He would also like me to get headphones and a microphone so that way I can put the headphones on my belly and he can talk to the baby.  He can't wait to do homeschooling and snuggle with the baby while he does school.  Little H can't figure out if she is happy or sad about the baby.  She is super excited about being a big sister but she really wishes that she could be a big sister to a little sister.  When she found out  that this little baby was a boy, she was very disappointed and at times is still very disappointed about the fact that this baby is a boy.  But she is super excited about the fact that eventually this baby will share a room with her so that way she's not alone.  She has also gotten in the habit of dancing with my belly and hugging my baby belly.   They are all excited to meet this new baby and are praying that he comes out sometime this week.  Today N came up to me after I woke up from my nap and told me that the boys had prayed while I was sleeping that the baby would come out this week.  So we are in preparation mode and just waiting for this little guy to come! 

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