Thursday, January 9, 2014

Pre-birthday play date and a Coldstone date with mommy

I invited two of Little H's friends to go play at Big City with her in honor of her birthday.  She had a blast playing with everyone.  We also got to enjoy lunch with her friends.  
After lunch we all separated - saying our goodbyes.  But I wanted to do something special with Little H just mommy and her.  So we went to Coldstone to share a ice cream creation.  They don't do anything special for birthdays but they were willing to give me a Christmas candle and then sang to her.  She was so happy and proud of the fact that people sang to her.  She also enjoyed her first big girl ice cream.  I think this might be a wonderful birthday tradition that I might have to do with each kid.  Just some mommy and them time. 
 Enjoying EVERY SINGLE bite! 

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