Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A new adventure - getting the etc strip

Taiwan has given up on having people collect tolls on the toll roads and now everyone is required to have the ETC strip and an e-tag so that when you travel on toll roads you will get money taken off your e-tag for the tolls.  I have no clue how to do those things and we (John and I) have basically just put it off until the last minute but with my mom coming soon and us needing to take the toll roads up to get her, I knew that we would need to get it done. Thankfully one of my friends volunteered to go to one of the rest areas to help me out.  The signing up wasn't very difficult a guy asked me some questions and then thankfully filled out the application.  Then my friend helped me figure out where they would place the sensor and then told me that all we had to do was go to a convienence store to put money in our account and there we could get the e-tag so that we would be able to easily check how much money was in our account.   

After my friend helped me, she had an issue so she asked for us to wait for her.  So little H and I went outside to play and walk around, she enjoyed trying to be a big girl with the machines.  I was getting a little sad because my little girl is no longer a baby and getting to be such a big girl!  I'm not ready for her to be big.   

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