Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Little M's class chapel performance

Each class gets the opportunity to invite their parents, and relatives to watch them perform some songs and actions for the whole school and family members.  Today was Little M's class performance.  Little M has only been attending school for 1/2 a year and is still just in the process of learning the language.  So in the beginning of the year he would cry but be happy to be at school.  I think as he keeps attending school his language will improve and his people skills will just come out in both Chinese and English.  The teachers tell me that he communicates with his eyes and his whole body, everyone knows what he is feeling - if he is sad or happy.  I wasn't expecting much from Little M just because I figured that he would get stage fright and a little overwhelmed with being on stage with everyone.  

But he totally shocked me.  When he knew the words to the songs he would sing out and would try to follow along with the motions.  It was so adorable and I was so proud of him.  He was so excited that we were there to see him sing and perform.  (The teachers and I told him that if he didn't do the motions or the songs that we as parents wouldn't be able to attend and that was the incentive he needed to listen to his teachers and try his best! Yes that was mean to say but they needed something to work with and we were willing to say that to him!) 

I'm so proud of him! 
 Some of his little classmates.  They are all so cute! (They are the littlest class so it's always interesting to see what kids will do during these types of performances.)
 The principal brought Little H to sit with her brother during the performance.  Little N was so happy and so was Little H.  Little N was happy because he got to snuggle and be with his sister and Little H was happy because she was a big girl!

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