Thursday, January 27, 2011

A time of good bye with Rachel and kids & Great Grandpa Olson

         We had a meal with Rachel and her kids.  It was the last time that we were gonna see them because we were packing up the moving truck and LOTS of stuff happened.  Our car unfortunately started making a funny sound on Wednesday.  John took it into the dealership and discovered that unfortunately it was gonna be a lot of money to fix the car.  We ultimately made the decision that it wasn't worth fixing just to have a vehicle to drive out to CT (bringing out some stuff) and having a car out in CT for the three weeks that we would be out there for.  Thankfully we were able to get the car sold and get it towed up to the person who was buying the car (So thankful for AAA)!  Also thankful for the way everything worked out. 
        It was wonderful to have the kids play together and visit.  Before Rachel and the kids left we went to go visit Great Grandpa Olson.  It made for a difficult good bye but THANKFULLY none of the kids saw me cry and none of the adults did either.  Thanks for the fun visits and it's kind of hard thinking that we won't be able to just pop in and see family as easily as we did when we lived in Cooperstown or Fergus Falls.
       We went and saw Great Grandpa Olson.  It was pretty special because John had scanned all sorts of slides that Grandpa & Grandma Olson had taken while they were in Japan being house parents to the missionary kids.  It was pretty neat to look at the pictures and listen to Grandpa reminisce about those times.  It was also pretty fun to watch Little M & Little N interact with their Great Grandpa and just listen to Little N talk to Great Grandpa!!

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  1. I bet you saw pictures of my mom! Mary Beth L. She grew up in that missionary school!

    By the way, you have an old link of mine on your blog list. My blog moved from to


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