Friday, January 28, 2011

It's a hard day!!

          Today was probably one of the hardest days for us! We (John & I) got up early to pick up the moving truck. John started off to Cooperstown & I went back to his parents to get the little boys ready so we could drive up to start packing everything up.  As we drove up to Cooperstown it was a hard drive in two ways.  It was warmer out so we had fog in the air so all you could see is a pretty haze surrounding you as you drive.  At times you couldn't see in front of you so I got nervous that I was gonna come upon something and not be able to stop.  The other thing that made it sad was that Little N and I were talking and he recognized the way we were going and he kept on saying.....yay mommy we get to go home and I can play with my toys. (Which just made me cry because it kills me to tell him that actually we are packing up and we will no longer have a home for a while!)  It was hard emotionally because I was reminded that we were never (most likely) live in Cooperstown and I was just taken back to when we first moved there and then the different events that occurred in our family while we were in Cooperstown and the wonderful people that we met and became friends with.
         I had to stop a couple of times as we were driving because I had to get pictures of different things that I absolutely loved -- a railroad bridge that has a small little stream that follows underneath it and then a beautiful lone tree that had the cloudy haze behind it & snow all around it.  It was my way of being able to say my good byes to the area that I grew to love and consider home. 
         We got to Cooperstown and I was able to drop of the kids at a friend's house so that way I could pack & help without worrying about them.  It was kind of funny just watching everyone help (and a humbling experience also) pack us up so we could start our new adventure.  Also it was crazy to think about HOW much stuff we had (and we had gotten rid of a bunch of stuff too) that we were packing up in storage and trying to figure out if we were gonna bring over to Taiwan.  I mostly directed and told people what needed to get in the moving truck (a lot of the big stuff wasn't in the truck which made me really nervous)!  I also had to go and sign papers to say that yes we were gonna sell our car and get that taken care of! 
        Around 12:30 pm - I went and got the little boys and the ladies of the church made a meal for us which was just a sweet thing (we were planning on providing Pizza Ranch)!  Then we had the little boys for the rest of the time that we were packing and loading everything up from our house.  I started to clean up because I wanted to make sure everything was clean before I left the house (we didn't get everything BUT most of it)!!  We had two very special people pray for us as we left our house and moved onto our newest adventure & there were tears as we hugged and said our good byes. (Actually as I type this I am in tears as I relive that moment!! So many special people that we met and grew to love like family!)
        We packed up the car and I needed a moment in the house to say good bye to the wonderful memories and had to take pictures of John & Little N's snow fort that unfortunately we didn't get to play in as much as we wouldn't have liked to because of packing and moving.  We got into the car and said farewell to the house that we had lived in for 4 1/2 years.  It was a great house and probably the biggest house we will ever live so many wonderful memories and things have happened in that house. 
 Good Bye to a wonderful house that holds great memories for our family!!

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  1. Tears, tears, as I read was an emotional day for you. I am sure you are enjoying your time in CT but life will change...I've been missing you guys...Mom and Grandma


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