Monday, January 10, 2011

Jungle Jump

Since the first of the year it's been busy, busy, busy!!  I forget to take my camera out to take picture of things happening....the silly moments with the boys, the chaos of our household (with packing & such), playing with grandma and our colored castle (we almost have one side of the castle completely colored).  Today John set up Little M's jungle jump that he got for Christmas from Grandpa & Grandma O.  Both boys had a blast....pretty sure once we leave our house we will set it up ONCE at Grandma & Grandpa O. house (most likely it will have to be in the living room.....sorry guys -- to scary to think of it being in the garage with the rough surface & no padding)  Little M has jumped and twice now landed on his head and did a somersault (terrifying!!).  Which in turn made Little N want to do the same thing, which we repeatedly say no to! :-) We have a video which I will put up another day of them enjoying themselves!!  But it is late and I am tired!!  Good night and for your enjoyment.....Little M & Little N!!!

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