Monday, January 17, 2011

A cookie....for ME?!?!?!?

We drove down to Fergus Falls today to go and visit my grandma (also so that my mom could see her mom)! We also had to drop off some stuff at a friend's house and John wanted to see people at J-Term.  We had a nice time visiting and decided that we should end the day with pie for the adults and food for the kids.  Little N & M decided that it was a good day to split rainbow sprinkle pancakes & get two crazy cookies (because you can never share cookies or split them in half that would be disasterous!)  So of course the adults get their pie first (which causes all sorts of turmoil with the youngest!! If you are a waitress PLEASE serve the kids first....I'm sure the parents or adults don't mind waiting!!)  Finally the pancakes come.....Little M & Little N devour their pancakes and then Little M moves onto his cookie. (Little N ate his cookie also BUT was much more refine in his eating so we didn't need pictures to remember his eating!)  For your viewing pleasure Little M eating a cookie!

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