Monday, December 20, 2010

Water fun & First Taste of Soda

Today was a big day for us....well in a kind of mundane sort of way.  John took a bath (and of course BOTH boys wanted to be in the water) but for the first time ever Little M stayed in the bathtub without someone (besides Little N) and actually was splashing and having a blast.  For Christmas Little N got a small thing of  grape soda (which he calls coke) and he's been BEGGING us to have his coke forever!!  So we finally caved and let him have his first taste of Soda.  He had maybe 2 inches of soda in his cup and got a straw and went to town.  Just those two inches were enough for him (THANKFULLY) and he has NO idea that he didn't have the whole can!  It was a fun day because half way through the morning we started getting fluffy snow falling down and someone was kind enough to plow our driveway tonight!!  SO sweet!

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