Thursday, December 9, 2010

Warm days, snowball fights & snow forts

Today was a gorgeous day...the weather was okay for playing outside so John bundled (with my help) Little N up to play outside.  Then John came back inside and said you guys can come out to and we'll have a snowball fight.  So I bundled up Little M to take him outside for his first taste of playing in the snow.  Little M LOVED it.....he walked in the snow, made a snow angel, crawled in the snow and watched as daddy worked on making our GIANT snow fort.  Little N and I got into a snowball fight.....not sure why EVERYONE threw snow at me.  Little N threw snow at me the WHOLE time I was outside (but never daddy.....hmmmm wonder why that is!) then John threw snow at me too.  Then John almost threw me into the snow.....thankfully both Little M and Little N convinced him not to!!  It was so much fun and such perfect weather!

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