Sunday, December 19, 2010


This Sunday we had special visitors & a special guest speaker at our church.  Andrew and his family came up to visit our church and just give a sermon and an update on what was going on with their mission in Taiwan.  It was pretty fun to see them and talk with them. We divided the men and women up for Sunday school.....Andrew spoke with the men and Kris spoke with the ladies.  It was interesting to hear the questions the ladies had! We got to visit even more at the Pizza Ranch with more people from the church after Sunday School....YUMMY!!  After nap time Little N and the rest of the Larsen clan (minus Kris) climbed up John's snowfort to enjoy some sledding.  It was slightly amusing that they were outside for as long as they were (it was cold outside!)!!  Thank you for coming to visit our church and visiting us during your time in the states.
        Side note: On Friday Little N cleaned up all his toys and made beds so that his friends could stay at his house and play with him.  (We were supposed to have a play date on Friday with some friends so all day....Friday & Saturday.....Little N was bugging us about how his friends were coming over) I felt so bad for him because he was so excited to play with people on Friday and that didn't work out as planned.  So when Sunday rolled around Little N was SO excited and spent lots of time with Andy's kids (minus the time spent in bed for nap). 

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