Saturday, December 11, 2010

Erickson Christmas

Merry Christmas!  We got together with John's mom's extended family to celebrate Christmas together.  We weren't exactly sure if we were gonna be all together because a HUGE snowstorm hit the Twin Cities area.  We kind of figured lots of family members wouldn't be able to make it.  Thankfully almost all of the relatives could come.  There was a big game going on that most the boys watched (no idea who it was really didn't care....I think it was NDSU against some other team) and lots of visiting going around.   Santa Claus came to visit us and he handed out Soda (pop) for the little kids and Jeff was the lucky adult who got toilet paper.  Little N was SO excited to sit on Santa's lap and just beamed!!  Little M on the other hand SCREAMED bloody murder (which is kind of unlike him)!  It was a great time and wonderful to get together with family to celebrate Christmas and hear the Christmas message!

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