Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunset in the Midwest

We had visitors come on Saturday....Gary & his wife Debbie came to visit and talk with us.  Gary is the new regional pastor for the Western Region.  We got to chatting and then Debbie started asking some questions and all of a sudden she was shocked and startled to learn that my mom was my mom!  She went to bible school with her.  So that was kind of fun to hear! (P.S. - Mom....Debbie says HI!!) It was a great visit....we went for a drive around the country and got to see a BEAUTIFUL sunset peaking through the clouds.  We also had the privilege of being able to sit together as a family together at church for the first time since Little M was born.  Gary spoke at our church so it was nice to sit next to my John.  Thank you for the wonderful visit Gary and Debbie....we will be praying that the rest of your travels go well and without to many problems!!

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