Saturday, July 10, 2010

Cooperstown Fair

Well this weekend was a busy weekend for us.  We had the Cooperstown fair - got to go to a parade (get TONS of candy), then serve hot dog & hamburgers as a fund raiser for the youth group of our church at the classic car show.  It was a hot day and we had lots of people get food from us.  Then about half way through making us food we got a message saying that 100 bikers were coming through so to be prepared.  So all of a sudden right where we were situated a bunch of bikers drove in.  Little N was just SHOCKED and just kept on saying.....WOW...WOW....mommy, mommy look at the bikes, look at the bikes!  It was great!  Afterwards I took the boys home because they were SO they took a nap and then we played in the pool for a little bit.  Then we drove to a building to pick up my photos that I had entered in the fair.  I got a couple of first places, a couple 2nd places & one 3rd place.  I got the reserve prize for my group.....which is basically 2nd place.  It was actually a black and white picture of one of the pictures I had taken while I was visiting Tante Jewel.  So that was kind of fun!  It was a fun but exhausting weekend and for John it was just the beginning!  More on that later!

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