Monday, July 26, 2010

A fun journey trip

We took a fun little drive to Bismarck & beyond.  (Some of that trip might have been for my scavenger hunt items) but we had never been to the State Capitol building as a family. We drove and saw a fun little playground so we stopped and played on the toys....I hung from a monkey bars and realized that when you are a kid for some reason it just doesn't hurt as much! :-)  We then continued to drive down to Bismarck...saw the Capitol building....which is very unique and saw the museum.  Then we drove around a little bit.  After that we went to a neat (but actually kind of sad) cemetery.  Just outside of Bismarck about 20 minutes away there is this grave yard filled with wrought iron crosses.  What made them sadder was that about 1/2 of the grave markers were for kids 5 and younger.  It was kind of sad but SO beautiful!   When we got back from going to see the graves we stopped and visited friends of ours who had moved down there.  I miss them dearly and so it was nice to visit them.  As we were driving back home we heard all sorts of reports of bad weather....tornado warnings and thunderstorms.  As we turned onto 1 we hit probably the worst of the storm....there were times that we couldn't even see the road at all so we stop and slow down.  John had me video this after we had been through the worst.  It was crazy and I was thankful that we made it home safe and sound!

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