Sunday, July 11, 2010

John is leaving & our adventure at Joanne's

John was going backpack camping with three guys.  It was intense.....water and everything carried just on your backs.  Possibly sleeping under the stars, hiking up and down hills.  Going into the Little Missouri and no bathrooms!  It was roughing it big time an 18 mile loop around the badlands!  I wanted to go but I always wanted to have bathrooms, not worry about a schedule, set up a tent & take bizallion pictures!  John told me that the little boys couldn't come and he didn't think I could hand it (which is VERY true)!  So while John left with the boys I took Little M & N to Joanne Wold's house (I cooked her dinner & then took pictures around her place for my scavenger hunt!  I still need to find a bunch more stuff but it's coming!)  I have more pictures to come on John's adventure!

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