Monday, July 23, 2007

VBS ~ Monday

We found out on Saturday that the people that were going to come and run VBS were able to come because of a family emergency and the rest of their staff had things come up also that they weren't able to come. Saturday John went to go get all the VBS (vacation bible school) materials and then we made a plea to our church for helpers, teachers and help. Sunday night was a late night getting games ready, crafts ready and just getting ready for Monday to start. We got everything ready and waited for the kids to come. On Monday we had 29 kids come! We played games, did group cheers, we made butterfly sun catchers and some of the older kids made crosses and weaved them with plastic string. We had explorer Deborah come and share about evidence that proofs when things are true and make believe. She told the story of Jesus birth and because we have evidence, we know that it happened and it's true. We had a great day!

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