Saturday, July 28, 2007

Relay for Life!!

We have been on a team raising money to help find a cure for cancer. Our group was called Wizard for a Cause (off Wizard of Oz)! Yesterday was the walk through the night. They had a survivor dinner and then the survivors walked, rode on golf carts, and a trailer to the park where there were tons of LUMINARIES (white bags with candles inside with names on the bags of people who have had cancer and won their battle or have lost their battle with cancer. It was a pretty amazing thing. We had the survivor walk around the track and then each of the teams walked as a group around the track. After that our team split the job of walking and selling food. There was lots of food and entertainment. There was a dunk tank that some team had set up. All sorts of stuff. We kept on running out of food (which was a good thing) and ran to the store to get more supplies. Eventually we just quit and once we ran out we were done selling food. We sold super nachos and mini donuts. The donuts were really good. There was a constant program going on throughout the night. John was asked to pray as we started to light all the candles in the bags. Name were read of survivors and people who hadn't made it, a scavenger hunt, a wet t-shirt contest to see who could ring out the most water into a rain gage. We had Elvis come and sing to us. We also got to visit with some pretty amazing people. We watched as the white paper bags that first spelled HOPE change to CURE. We sang karaoke and tried to stay up all night. Needless to say John took Caristy home around 4 am because it was really cold and she couldn't warm up. John stayed up the whole time.....and came to bed at 7 am. Needless to say we have had a really quiet Saturday with mostly sleeping. It was a pretty amazing thing to be involved in and just watch as our small town who has been effected with way too much cancer banned together to raise money to help support finding a cure for cancer.


  1. A family at our church has a team at our Relay for Life and we went for the first time last year. It is coming up this year in August. It is an amazing event!

    Glad you had a good time!

  2. This such an amazing event-even more so when you are touched personally by friends and family who have been affected by cancer. After working in chemo for 6 yrs back in FF, I came to appreciate all the work and meaning that went into this event. I think that you did wonderful lasting all those hours at the relay, I never made it that long!

  3. Caristy....I can't believe you are due in 17 days!!! Amazing that you will be holding your baby in less than a month!!! I don't have your email, so if you do have mine, send me a quick note and let me know! I am praying for you! God bless, Emily Davis


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