Sunday, July 1, 2007

Dinner at the Student Prince

After Dawn's shower a bunch of us went out for dinner. We went to this German place in Springfield called the Student Prince. Our waiter was amazing...he was able to tell us what to order and give us all sorts of advice. We had all sort of different colored beers at our table from really dark, to a very pale beer. (Don't worry the two pregnant ladies didn't have any, I just had a smell!) Everyone had a different meal and most of us afterwards had dessert. Wow...the food was so YUMMY!! After dinner we stopped and hung out at Vickie and Dave's apartment for a little while! We had a good time! I miss hanging out with everyone....that was something that we do all the time when I still lived in CT which is now almost 5 years ago. WOW, that amazing that I haven't lived in CT for that long. *tears, sniff, sob*

Julie, Caristy & Josh (I had to separate the couple!!)

Dawn & Vickie

Dave & Craig


  1. Glad to see that you are had a great trip to Conn! You look so cute!

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