Monday, July 16, 2007

Lots of culture in 2 days! :-)

On Sunday Caristy was invited to see an off Broadway play called the Ark. It was a great play and we all enjoyed the fact that it was funny without needing to have all sorts of language, violence, etc. Then John and Caristy went to movie theatre in town to see the newest Harry Potter movie. We watched it in the middle of a storm so the power went off twice during the movie and just added to our movie adventure. Harry Potter was a pretty good movie, we enjoyed it.
On Monday we went over to the Arstad farm to celebrate Elaine and Cas' 40th Wedding Anniversary and also to listen to Monroe Crossing (a bluegrass group that Elaine and Cas' kids got for them for their anniversary.) They were really good!! We had fun listening to them play and sing.

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