Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Crib is assembled!

We got our crib, changer, and dresser all at the same time. We assembled the changer and dresser a while ago and just have been waiting on putting together the crib. Well we took all the pieces out on Sunday, started assembling things on Monday and got the bedding on it today. We are almost all ready for our baby to come! :-) (I don't think that you are ever entirely ready for a new baby to come into your life.)
Caristy screwing screws by hand!
John cheating and using a machine!


  1. Looks good! Be sure to have a lot of burp cloths on hand (receiving blankets work great) and blankets. It's amazinghow fast you go through them!

  2. What a great crib! I really like the quilt hanging off of it. Did someone make that for you?

  3. It looks good Care and John! Now he can be born! He at least has a place to sleep. Love Mom

  4. Hey, you gonna get one last post in before you go to the hospital (no, everyone, she's not in labor)? I think you should post an update about your last dr. visit :) Just putting my two cents in! I'll be adding another post to mine sometime this weekend. Can't wait to hear that you're on your way to the hospital!


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