Wednesday, March 8, 2017

TMF Ladies Retreat in Taidong and Birthday celebration for a friend

Our ladies retreat was a very refreshing retreat!  I am thankful for the time that the speaker spent sharing with us and coming over to Taiwan to be with us.  I pray that the rest of her time in Asia would go smoothly.  I also pray for each one of these ladies.  I am pretty sure that I have had the opportunity to go to 5 of the TMF ladies retreat and the thing that constantly encourages me is listening to and spending time with these ladies who are all serving Christ in different areas all over Taiwan.  Spending time with some of my sweet friends and chatting with them into the night also helps me.  I am thankful to John for doing my schedule plus his schedule so that I was able to attend this three day retreat. He's an amazing guy!! 
 Before we left to head back to Hsinchu, a bunch of us ladies walked to the beach and just had a moment with nature.  It was a nice walk and it was fun to watch the waves which were OVER my head so these are definitely not swimming beaches, just pretty look at the waves and think beaches.

 We had a little bit of time at one of the HSR stations and so we celebrated my friend's sweet birthday!  It was a great time celebrating friendship and her birthday!

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