Saturday, March 4, 2017

Playing at the Rope Park

Today was a busy day.  The morning we went to a funeral for a friend's dad.  Then we went out to eat at Chubby's.  After we had eaten we headed over to the rope park.  This park is very interesting in that our kids play with other kids a lot more.  Normally the other kids don't interact with my kids.  But at the rope park the kids are willing to try to speak English to the kids (saying hi) and then my kids have been willing to play with the other kids in Chinese.   Running around and playing with the kids is fun to watch because it doesn't happen very often. 
 Little H climbing up as HIGH she is able to on the rope park.
 Little M climbing the rope park and playing frisbee. 
 N always climbing to the tippy top of the rope park and then running around the kite.
The kids playing soccer! 😎

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