Monday, March 13, 2017

Little H's Class Field Trip to learn how they plant rice in the rice fields.

I'm so thankful that I have a friend who's daughter is in the same class as my daughter.  I find out all sorts of information which was the plan that the school hoped would happen.  I found out over the weekend that Little H's class had a field trip to the rice field and I was able to ask the principal if I could go on the field trip with the school and I also had to ask if N could come along because of course, he's with me all the time.  The school said yes and I was happy.  My friend joined me and we drove to the rice fields and then got to be with our girls for their field trip. 
 The Cherry Blossoms are blooming here in Taiwan and they are so pretty!! 
 When N was in school at the kindergarten for some reason he missed being able to go watch the planting of the rice.  At first, we thought maybe they skipped it that year but then I realized that during the time that they would have gone to the rice fields we had amazing visitors coming to see us - Uncle Ole & Grandma Olson.  So it was fun that all three of the kids who have gone to the kindergarten have had the opportunity to watch them plant the rice.  This year was different then Little M's field trip because the kids got the opportunity to play in the mud and actually try to play their own blade of rice plant in the mud.  I think the coolest part of watching how the rice is planted is how quickly the machine does it's job and then also how strong the farmer's legs are.  His calf muscles are huge!  Everyone had fun watching and planting the rice and I was so thankful I had the chance to watch them enjoy nature and learn something new.
 Little H was so proud of her muddy feet along with her cute tutu skirt.   After this picture was taken she went back into the rice paddy to try to plant another rice plant. 
N loved being able to walk in the mud and was so happy that he could be a part of Little H's field Trip! 

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