Saturday, January 10, 2015

Happy 3rd Birthday Little H

Three years ago today we woke up early in the morning to contractions.  We got up called up our friend Kris and she came rushing over to watch our boys while we went to the hospital.  I thought it would be quick like Little M's birth.  We walked over to the hospital (it was faster and easier to walk from our apartment to the hospital then it was to get in our car, find a parking spot and walk in.) and we had to go in through the emergency room.  The staff was confused as to why we were there and wondered what was wrong with us. We finally made it understood that our daughter was to be born and that I was in labor that day.  I texted everyone after I got checked in and settled into the hospital bed.  Some things I was not expecting to happen when I got checked in occurred but nothing horrible.  So we settled in and figured that we wouldn't be waiting long.  But we did wait a while.  They stuck me on a hospital bed and put me with a monitor to see how contractions went.  Well I wanted to sit up to keep the contractions going but they didn't like that and just wanted me laying down.   So my labor was probably delayed some because of that.  Gradually the nurses wanted to speed up the progress so they pushed my stomach some to force some pressure and get the labor to start going and then they also did some manipulation so that my body would be at a 10 so that I could push her out.  Let's just leave it at that -- it was a little painful and was very different from my two other birthing experiences.
My darling little H was born and I got to hold her while I waited for my room before she was rushed off to the nursery.  We were given this traditional soup that you had to drink right after you delivered the baby -- it was this black soup that was salty but had lots of ginger in it and had an egg in it.  I couldn't eat the egg but drank the soup. Finally went to my room and the nurses proceed to show John how to take care of me.  Show how to change bandages, where to put the bedding and then asked if we had brought various items that we didn't realize we had to bring.  So I had John quick go buy some of the supplies and then later on I went downstairs to 7 eleven to buy some other supplies.  The nurses and doctors just came in to check that I was doing okay and really only came in maybe 2 to 3 times a day.  I was roommates with a Chinese woman who I'm assuming had a c-section.  All I know is that every time she moved she was in pain and she just moaned in her sleep.  Her husband slept in the room with us and so at night there was a chorus of snores and moans of pains that I slept to.  But then every three hours I would be awaken by a phone call saying that I would have to go to the nursery to nurse my baby.  The nurses were very upset that John didn't stay with me because I didn't have any one to take care of me and get stuff for me.  That's not part of what the nurses do here in Taiwan. They just make sure things are okay and then they give you your medications.  They would always ask where my husband was and who was going to wash and check my bandages and get my clothes.  I took care of my bandages and my clothes.  John and many wonderful people from church took care of bring food for both the guys and me.  I was so blessed and so thankful.

Every three hours you would get the call that you were supposed to go down to the nursery to nurse and you would go in, wash your hands and they would hand you your baby and you would nurse for as long as you wanted and then you would hand your baby back over to the nurses and they would take the babies.  It was the strangest experience sitting down in a charge with a bunch of other nursing mother -- no one covered up and most of the new mommies struggling to figure out the right pose to put their child in so that they could nurse their child.  It was a very awkward experience because you aren't sure where to look and no one talks to other people it's about being quiet, getting the nursing done and then leaving again.  I was usually one of the last ones to leave after nursing even though had long since finished nursing Little H and we were just trying to get to know one another.  It was also very strange because John never ever got to hold Hadassah.  He could look at her from the window at the nursery but wasn't allowed to hold her.  I took him into the nursery grabbed my baby one time and after John had washed up handed her to him.  The nurses in the nursery were very upset and we just pulled the foreigner card not knowing better that it wasn't allowed.  After that we were told that John couldn't come into the nursery till Little H was checked out of the hospital.

 It was a slightly lonely experience because John was at home watching the boys and also working. I had my roommate who had control of the TV and would flip the tv like a pro...almost as good as my dad. She would flip around and she found an English program (there are not many of those channels) and I thought she was being nice and letting me watch something but lasted a minute then she flipped to something else.  I was thankful for my ipad because I was able to chat with my family and friends to keep my self occupied.  I couldn't handle being separated from my family and I wasn't liking the fact that Little H and I weren't able to bond and get to know each other so I asked my doctor if I could check out early.  Normally it's a 3 day hospital stay for a vaginal delivery and a 10 day hospital day if a c-section delivery.  I think I only stayed 2 nights...thankfully my mom came the night that I got home and we were just able to be cosy and get to know one another.  That is your birth story  Little H.  There would be things I might change about my birth story but I am so happy and thrilled that you are a part of our family.  We love you my darling little girl!

Happy birthday my sweet darling Little H.  We have come so far in just 3 short years.  I can't wait to see what happens this coming year.  I love you so much.
The day of your baptism - January 2012

 Your first birthday - January 2013
 Your second birthday - January 2014
 Happy 3rd birthday my darling H!  We love you!!

This is Little H's bible verse for the year.  We will trace the kids hands on a piece of paper and their bible verse will be put on their hands and get laminated and we will pray over these bible verses for our kids over the coming year.  This is the verse we are focusing on for Little H.

Little H, mommy and daddy's hope and prayer is that you will grow up to be a godly and wise woman one day.  We pray every day that God would give us the tools to raise both you and your brothers to love the Lord with your whole heart.

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