Wednesday, January 14, 2015

20 things about me!

Here are 20 facts about me!  So might just be very generic but they are about me.

1.  I have three beautiful kids!
2.  I love to read and am working hard to pass on that love to my kids.
3.  I am very creative - I love to make craft and I got that love from my mom!
4.  I love photography and I'm trying to improve every day!
5.  I love the idea of traveling but I'm kind of a homebody.
6.  I love to go exploring and I really miss our Monday Adventure that we took before the kids started     school.
7.  I'm not very good expressing my feelings and emotions to others.
8.  I used to only like blue and green colors!  I now like all colors.
9.  My Tante Jewel when I was younger (much younger) gave me a cd for Christmas and I remember      crying horribly because I had never heard of the artist (Harry Connick Jr.)and why would I want to      listen to him sing.  I remember listening to him and I'm pretty sure he is one of my favorite artist        and I'm so thankful to my Tante Jewel for sharing such a great musician.
10. I worked at a daycare for 4 summers during college.
11. My major was Special Education and Elementary Education.
12. My daughter was born in Taiwan but only has an American passport.
13. My goal this year is to read 75 books.
14. Little N is in First Grade - He attends a Chinese school and is home schooled in English.
15. I hate being away from my family!
16. I want to travel to Norway, Australia & New Zealand. (Many other places too)
17. My goal for this year is to go hiking at least once a month as a family.
18. I also hope that I can branch out in our cooking and eat more variety of foods.
19. I am blessed with lots of friends from lots of different countries and am very blessed because of our living in Taiwan.
20. One day I hope to be able to live on the East Coast again.  I like almost consistent four seasons!

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