Monday, September 1, 2014

The boys first day of school

So I am trying to catch up on stuff from the spring and the summer!  I'm so sorry for the long absence. We have been really busy and I have not had time to turn on my computer.  Especially with a computer that keeps shutting off on me.  Anyways, I'm slowly trying to catch up on life and my pictures because Christmas is coming soon and I need a new calendar for my family and our family.   So basically what I'm trying to say is keep looking back on the blog and look in the summer months to see what we did this spring and summer.

This year starts a new thing in our life.  N has started first grade.  He will be doing Chinese school and also English homeschooling.  We are still trying to imagine what this will look like but N was excited to start school.   N's school is really close to church and so far we like it.  His teacher is very sweet and we are really appreciative of all her efforts to work with us and N.  It's not easy going to a Chinese school when your parents don't speak the language.  Lots of paper work to fill out and lots of correspondence all in Chinese.  I have a lot of respect for immigrants who move to the states and send their children to school.  Sometimes the stress just gets to you.  So we will see how this go.  I will talk more about N's school - both Chinese and English I'm sure more as we settle into our groove and figure out what we are doing.
N standing in front of his school!  Ready for 1st grade.
Little N inside his classroom.  He was so happy for his day to start. 

Little M started middle Chinese Kindergarten.  He lost one of his old teachers from last year.  She stayed home with her baby.  But we found out that Little M will have the same teacher that N had for the last two years.  We will see how she is with Little M because she was the strict teacher in N's class all the time.  Little M and N have different discipline needs and hopefully she will be able to show him lots of love and care.  This will be the first full year that I don't have any teacher who can speak some English to me.  I'm a little nervous because my Chinese is nonexistent.
Taking him to school.
Little M and one of his teachers.  Both teachers were so excited to see Little M and Little H. 

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