Saturday, September 6, 2014

A trip up to Keelung to see the Logos Hope boat

We took a train up to Keelung with some friends to see the Logos Hope boat.  It has one of the largest floating bookstores on the boat.  We were excited to see what it was about so we asked some friends to join us as we traveled there.   Logos Hope is a boat that travels the world providing knowledge, help and hope.  The ship has many different nationalities on the ship as it travels around the world trying to provide different needs as it travels it different ports.  It uses it bookstore to draw people in to buy books and then gives the boat staff the opportunity to share why they are on the boat and share their testimony.  They also help provide potable (drinkable) water to areas that don't have it. They have a variety of ministries. I encourage you to check out the OM ship International - Logos Hope for more information.
Traveling by train from Hsinchu to Keelung.  We had lots of fun but our train eventually got rather full.
A family picture plus our buddy B right outside the Logos Hope ship.
We explored the bookstore -- there was so many people and so many books you could just get lost in the bookstore trying to figure out which books to buy.  Each of the kids picked out a book and I think I bought 4 books for myself.  I have always loved having a physical book.  Plus there are some books that are just nicer to have as a physical copy and not as an e-book.   After exploring the bookstore one of my friends found a Finnish lady who was a crew member on the boat and offered to give her a tour of the boat.  We snuck along for the tour and that made it so much more interesting.  We learned what Logos Hope did and why the crew members gave up a year or two of their life to travel on the boat. Both John and I said that if we hadn't been able to go on the tour we might have been a little bit disappointed and a little bit let down for traveling all the way up to Keelung and back.  

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