Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Grassland Picnic

Today is Tuesday, we adjust and go with the flow.  We learned that we will be having Little H watched every other Tuesday, which are still thankful for. She doesn't take much work or entertainment so today we just took her on our date.  We decided to go to grasslands.  John needed to get out of the city and he needed to see trees and grass and no people.  So we drove, then walked around this area and had a picnic.  We had a blast and thankfully my little darling was willing to pose for me. (This past week was a very busy week and tiring week.  So we just needed to get out and rest and recharge in nature!) Little H had fun "hiking" along with us.  Thankfully also she was willing to pose for me and wanted me to take her picture because last week was a little overwhelming for her with attention from people.   
She is such a funny little girl! I love her!
 Hello lizard who was climbing a tree!  How are you?

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