Friday, September 19, 2014

Little H and her best friend R

Little H and Little R have a very special relationship.  I have known Little R's mom if not since we moved to Taiwan at least a few short months after we moved here.  She was pregnant with R and I found out shortly after moving here that I was pregnant with Little H.  The one thing that has been a blessing since living here is that Little H and R have spent time with one another almost every week if not every week then it would be once a month.   I find it very interesting but they are truly best friends.  They have such a special friendship and I'm so thankful that Little H has this type of friendship.  Both Kelly and I love just watching them play together.  At first they would just play together, then they would start to have conversations just talking and laughing but mommies could never understand what was being said.  Then came the part that both mommies found hilarious and fun - them arguing with each other.  It doesn't happen very often but sometimes they both want to have their way.  It's funny to watch them work it out.  They love each other and I'm so happy that they have each other. 
 No clue what they are doing! 
 Happy to be with friends!  We are so blessed!! 

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