Saturday, July 7, 2012

Saturday Fun.

 This summer we have been working on our letters and a variety of activities.  We have been using the Letter of the Week curriculum, which has lots of amazing ideas.  Plus then we have been doing other activities that use the letter we are working with that week.  This week we were doing the Letter B.  So we made banana boats.  Little N was really excited about this meal and Little M wasn't much of a fan....he just ate the chocolate chips off the banana and left the the banana.  So far it's been helpful to do "homework" the kids are interested and we are having fun.
 We went to Neiwan today, we wanted to get some stuff for John's mom and then just take a drive up into the mountains.  John took his bike up there and I took all the kids by car up.  It was my first time driving this far away from the city. We survived and the kids did great. We had fun in Neiwan...we got popsicles, presents, sunglasses.  We also got to play in the water for a little bit.  All in all a good day!
 The boys sporting their new shades. 
 All the kids in the water.  Little H wasn't a fan of being put down next to her siblings.

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