Sunday, July 15, 2012

John's biking adventure

John has talked about how it would be fun to ride his bike down to Taichung after we drove down to Taichung for the TMF conference last year.  This year he made it happened, he woke up early in the morning and made his way down to Taichung, where he would meet us and we all would attend the TMF conference.  
He told me that it was a great ride down there and that he had lots of fun but next time he did it he would want to do it with someone else. When we finally met up with him, Little N's first comment to him was, "Daddy, why are you so black?" From all the blood flowing and then first getting sunburnt on his face, John was rather dark.  He held Little H in his arms and the contrast between her fair skin and him was just startling. I'm thankful he made it down there safely and that we also made it down there safely. We are all set to enjoy our week at TMF.


  1. Wasn't that FAR long did it take?

  2. It was 110 kilometers and it took 7 hours.


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