Saturday, July 14, 2012

Having fun at Stephanie's

We haven't seen Stephanie in a long time.  Stephanie is a wonderful woman who goes to our church who when John left last year to go back to the states for his grandpa's funeral told me she was going to my house and watching my two boys.  She has done that faithfully now ever since (now there are times when it doesn't work out in her schedule or my schedule but we usually get back on track).  Because of her time and effort spent with my kids we have build a strong relationship which I cherish.
We hadn't seen Stephanie in probably 3 weeks, mostly it was my fault for not letting her know when I needed her and then she had plans when I thought I could use her.  Well it worked out that I sort of invited myself over to her house today.  She was having her family over for family time and we were invited over. Now for the most part her family doesn't speak much English and she warned me of that before hand but the kids and I still had a blast over at her house.
We went over and met Stephanie's parents who are wonderful people and just loved on my kids in Mandarin.  Stephanie's whole family tried their best to make us feel welcomed and included.  We had a great time.  I'm thankful for my friendship with Stephanie, she is a wonderful person and I am blessed for knowing her.
 Watching the family play mahjong - which was such a confusing game to watch but they told me it was a great game for keeping the brain sharp. 
 Stephanie and her brother doing an impromptu singing time.  She has an amazing voice and her brother plays the piano wonderfully.  He also took Little M and tried to teach him a little bit about how to play.


  1. Looks like fun! Do they live in an apt or house? Hadassah has such blue eyes!

  2. They live in a house out of the city!!


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