Thursday, July 12, 2012

Little H is 6 months old

Little H is 6 months old.  I am not sure her stats..I'll find out in 2 weeks when she goes in for her shots.  She is growing though.  She is smiley and loves her brothers dearly.  She is rolling over more often and trying to be a big girl.  She so badly wants to sit up.  She is giggling more now and unfortunately more often then not her brothers can get her laugh and I can not.  She still nurses and she still is getting up at least three or four times a night.  I'm hoping that she starts sleeping through the night...maybe next month but I'm pretty doubtful.  Here are her 6 month photos she was a little uncooperative so I might try again.  The boys seem to think that when I take her pictures I need to take their pictures also.  Thankfully they are willing and want me to take their pictures.  I'm sure that it will end soon!!  Here are my kids and I love them all!
Little N - he is so excited that while he's in America he's gonna turn 5 so he keeps asking when we will leave for America.
 Little M is just growing up so much in the last couple of months.  I can't believe this little guy will be turning 3 this year.  He is getting so big!!
 Little H couldn't decide if she was happy getting her pictures taken or upset! 

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