Friday, December 16, 2011

Out to eat with friends

We went out to eat with some friends.  They had come over to our house to make Christmas cookies and surprised us with an invitation out to eat.  John wasn't able to join us because he had a movie night at church but we sure did have fun.  We had something similar to a hot pot but it was in individual soup cookers.  It was an all you could eat buffet, so you could pick your meat, veggies & noodles if you wanted to and then they had juice, soda and desserts -- both cakes & ice cream.  We had lots of fun chatting and spending time with our friends.  Both the boys really didn't eat except for the dessert & ice cream!  Ehh.....eventually they will eat real food, I hope! Thank you for taking us to a new restaurant and introducing us to something new!  We had a blast!

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