Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Day

So this is the first year that we haven't spent it with family since we were in Japan, 9 years ago.   It felt a little strange but we got packages sent to us and we tried to talk to our families on Christmas.  We didn't feel like it was Christmas....maybe it was the lack of snow, the the traditions of where we spend Christmas with family but we are trying to figure out new traditions and incorporate old ones.  Before church we were allowed to open up our stockings, John asked if he could open his when he woke up, but the kids had picked out stocking stuffers' and I figured it would be better if they watched him open it.  After church we opened up Christmas presents from the Olson side and then from us after reading the Christmas story.  The kids had a blast....Little M wasn't exactly sure how to unwrap the presents in the beginning and actually played with the toys after he opened them until he realized that he had a lot of presents and then he started asking for more.  We videoed the opening of presents.  After presents we went over to friends to celebrate with them.  We had a blast, just a laid back time of spending time with friends with no pressure to entertain and feel like we had to do stuff.  We exchanged gifts with the kids and they had tons of fun playing with their stuff.  They also enjoyed wrestling and playing pig pen on John....pretty sure our friends kind of roll their eyes because John is usually really good and winding kids up and then not so good at settling them down.  Felt bad because Little M decided to play with some Lego's that were not his and might have destroyed a design or two....opps! We had a nice Christmas and we hope that you have a Merry Christmas!
Not sure what's up with Little M's face! 
Little M figuring out that he has lots of presents to open up! 
 Little N - MOM is Gordon's caboose!! I got Gordon's caboose!!
 More Geo Trax!
 Little M getting into trouble!! 
 Pigpen on John!

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