Saturday, October 9, 2010

Robin & Casey's Wedding

It was a GORGEOUS and unusually warm day for October. 82 degrees, bright beautiful skies and just a wonderful day for a wedding. Robin (John's cousin) got married today. It was such a fun wedding to attend especially being so close to my sister's wedding (I had wedding fever!) and I got to take pictures to my hearts delight....though I should have stuck with my gut and gotten there earlier to watch and watch -- but with two little boys who desparately needed a nap that just didn't happen. I loved how personal Robin & Casey's wedding was.....they had her cousins riding in a wagon down the aisle which was absolutely adorable and gave flowers and spent a little time during their ceremony with their parents. Afterwards we got to eat good food and delicious cake. We also got to take home some amazing carmel apples dipped in yummy deliciousness. Congratulations Robin & Casey!! Welcome to the family Casey! :-)
8 grandchildren together with their grandparents!

 Delicious apple how I want to eat you!!!

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